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Natural-Looking, Perfect Eyebrows, Lashes and Contouring is Not a Dream Anymore!

Master Vilma Karaliute introduces the prestigious Phi microblading technique to enhance your natural beauty. Perfecting in precision, she has revolutionised the Phi aesthetic theories by introducing unique treatments.

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Two-day Microblading course with PhiBrows Master Vilma Karaliute MORE


For a ‘makeup look’ we use the latest techniques in eyebrow shading


Precision hair by hair drawing for a natural semi-permanent eyebrow MORE

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Wake up to beautifully shaded and contoured lips with a hint of colour MORE


Enhance your lash line & save time in the morning with permanent eyeliner


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Have a look through our before and after gallery to see the results that can be achieved. Choose microblading for a natural look, eyebrow shading for a make up look, contour your lips or invest in permenant eyeliner.


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Update: PhiBrows Microblading Training in Manchester UK

New Training Dates:

• 27 / 28 July – Manchester

• 17 / 18 August – Manchester

• 21 / 22 September – Manchester

* Dates are updated for 2019

Vilma Karaliute was invited to represent Phibrows Microblading Academy since 2016. Phibrows is highly recognized within industry of semi permanent makeup and is fully accredited by ABT Insurance.

Micropigmentation specialist Vilma Karaliute is Also Educator and assessor for VTCT NVQ Microblading level 4 & NVQ VTCT Micropigmentation level 4.

Master’s Vilma’s student’s will be able to attend  NVQ VTCT Microblading Level 4 course with discounted price.


Register now for a 2-day PhiBrows Microblading Training for:

We accept secured and flexible payment terms for our Microblading Training Course in UK through Ideal4Finance. Click the link below to know more and apply for available finance options.


Why to choose PhiBrows Microblading Training?

PhiBrows technique, Pattern & Teaching method are Very Unique in Comparing Other Microblading Academies. As hyper-realistic eyebrow drawing, shape & Pattern were created by scientist to get as much natural 6d looking hair strokes, microblading training consists many set rules to combine with client’s natural hair growth direction to achieve most natural looking effect.  Each Client’s shape of eyebrows adjusted individually by Bone Structure and proportion is calculated according to facial morphology and golden mean (phi 1,618) divider. Which were used by famous artist like Leonardo da Vinci. Symmetry, proportions and all drawn eyebrows Shape is confirmed by special PhiBrows measuring tool application to avoid human error.

Phibrows Is Only Academy that Provides Longest Duration support & guidance for Microblading course students. 6 Month of daily supervision & guidance from skilled Permanent makeup master Vilma Karaliute is included in Phibrows training package, to help you achieve Craftmaster’s Modules (12 in total). Graduation time may various, depending on student’s availability to practise.


Two-day Microblading Course Includes:

Phibrows Premium Starter Kit

PhiBrows Microblading Starter Kit, worth £950, which has been upgraded to include the very latest microblading equipment and phibrows pigments. As part of the new starter kit you will receive all the materials necessary for practice & work on clients.

Live Model Practice

Practice on simulation and preparation of shapes on models.

Phibrows master’s observation and advice for students while working on live models

Online PhiBrows Microblading Training

Access to CraftMaster application with all study materials, which includes videos, lectures, photos and other exclusive tools.

6 Month PhiBrows Microblading Support

6 Month of daily supervision & guidance from skilled Permanent makeup master Vilma Karaliute.



  • Introduction to Phibrows Microblading
  • Theory, problems regarding skin, reflection of pigments, post-treatment, flow -relating to skin type and factors that can influence the pigment and its durability etc.
  • Introduction to hygiene standards
  • Drawing shape of the eyebrows
  • Practising PhiBrows hair stroke patterns on skin simulation (latex),
  • Digital determination of symmetry of the eyebrows – using the PhiBrows golden intersection (golden ratio Phi 1.618) divider.


  • Practice on skin simulation (latex)
  • Preparation of shapes for models
  • Learning to use the PhiBrows mobile Application for symmetry of the eyebrows,
  • PhiBrows master’s  Observation and advice for students while working on live models

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Microblading, Powder Brows, Permanent Lips & Eyeliner

Vilma is an extremely highly qualified permanent make-up specialist. Trained by, and quickly moving up the ranks of the PhiBrows academy and completing further comprehensive training from world leading trainers and academys all around the globe. (more…)